6 Bravo 9

6 Bravo 9 is the airport code for Skaneateles, NY and also a startup clothing company out of Skaneateles. I designed their logo as well as several T-shirt graphics.

Project Details //

Identity / Print

Studio //


Various IDs and Graphics for 6B9 //

  • quoss_6b9_id_01

    A new logo for a new clothing company. Good luck guys.

  • quoss_6b9_id_02

    Identity for a local protest. Up and at them!

  • quoss_6b9_id_03

    The re-branding of a local watering hole.

6B9 T-Shirt //

  • quoss_6b9_tee_01

    My handsome brother-in-law and my new cat Fork (also handsome). Photo by the amazing Nicole Truly. Her website is coming soon.