Personal Projects

Various pieces I have created for family, friends, loved ones.

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Cards and invites for people I love. //

  • quoss_love_01-davis

    The Davis clan assembles for the first time in far to long. Thank you Mom and Dad for putting this together.

  • quoss_love_02-howard

    Happy birthday to one of the most amazing men I have ever met. I'm lucky enough to get to call him Dad.

  • quoss_love_03-trulys

    Sending birthday wishes to my sister and brother-in-law who are way to far away for my liking.

  • quoss_love_04-xmaseve

    Mecha Rudolf thankfully did not show and great time was had by all.

  • quoss_love_05-41bottles

    Happy birthday Jon. Drink up brother.

  • quoss_love_06-zombie

    Turns out having a birthday on Friday the 13th can be both scary and fun at the same time.

  • quoss_love_07-kaylea

    Congratulations Kaylea. We're so proud of you !!!

Other things for people I love. //

  • quoss_love2_01-foxandcoon

    Stuffed animals I designed for my niece and nephew. My talented wife made them into 3D Creatures for the kids. Photos coming soon.

  • quoss_love2_02-cp_cp_01

  • quoss_love2_02-cp_cp_02

    Album Artwork for the volcanic Syracuse indie rock outfit Counter Pursuit. You should definitely check these guys out.